St Herbert's RC Primary School

St Herbert's School has a school council  consisting of 14 members, two from each year group (Reception to Year 6).  The School Councillors meet fortnightly,  and discuss ways to improve our school.  

To date they have suggested lots of wonderful things, from pets in the classroom, salad bar, water fountains, iPads, climbing frames and monkey bars for the playground, to Golden Time on a Friday afternoon.  Many of the above suggestions have been implemented.

Recently Mrs McManus spoke to the councillors regarding the Sensory Room Appeal, and the councillors have implemented ways of supporting the fundraising eg: jars in each class for spare change. Mrs Roddy, the PE Coordinator has also been invited to attend our meetings  to discuss new equipment for the playground, a Gymnastic Club and maybe a KS1 football team. The chair, Mrs Collins, will take the councillors requests to Mrs Milligan and we will discuss if the requests are possible. The requests come from the pupils via the councillors. The children speak to the councillors and notes are taken which the councillors bring to the meetings. New councillors are elected every year by the pupils.