St Herbert's RC Primary School

Class 7


Mrs Stringer


Mrs Yerby


Mrs Morris

Imagination is the key to success in Class 7 through fun and engaging lessons and activities. Through a wide range of stimulating topics, the children will continue to grow in their learning and understanding of the world around them as they progress into Years 4 and 5. Through cross curricular learning, they will continue to build their skills and knowledge in art & design, geography, history, music, computing, design & technology and science.

The importance of maths and literacy work will be stressed throughout the year as the children adapt to the needs of the new curriculum. Their learning will be enhanced through the use of technology (we have iPads now!) and the hands on equipment used in Class 7. Healthy living and eating is encouraged throughout the school as the children dance, hop, run, catch, throw and kick their way through the robust and energetic PE curriculum. As a Roman Catholic school, with a strong ethos of love and inclusion, we will deliver an engaging scheme of work in Religious Education. The stories from scripture will be brought to life and made relevant for the children’s lives today.


‘Train up a child in the way they should go: and when they are old,

they will not depart from it.’

Proverbs 22:6

Class 7 - Curriculum Overview

Class 7 Medium Term Plans

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