St Herbert's RC Primary School

Class 6


Miss Clough

Welcome to Class 6!

In this class we have a mixture of old and new members of Key Stage 2. This makes us a very special class as the Year 4's really help the Year 3's to understand the new roles and responsibilities of being in this key stage.  It is also a very special year for the Year 3's, as they will be embarking on their Sacramental Journey, along with Class 5. Year 4 have also started something new this year - they have fun every Thursday with our brass teacher, creating a fantastic brass band.

The aim of Class 6 is to have FUN whilst learning new and exciting topics!  We do this through a range of activities such as Drama, Art and Design, and Computing (using the Apple iPads.)

Class 6 - Curriculum Overview

Class 6 Medium Term Plans

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