St Herbert's RC Primary School


Week Ending Friday 12th January 2018

Best Attenders: Class 6 - 99.7%

School Total to date: 97.6%

On behalf of the Governors of St Herbert’s School, may I extend our best wishes.

Our intention is to serve our children and parents as well as all the staff in school and continue to make St Herbert’s a happy, safe and loving environment where STRONG IN FAITH isn’t just a motto, but the bedrock of our relationships.

We are called to follow Jesus our Lord to “COME AND FOLLOW ME” and that is what guides all our endeavours and is the basis of what makes our school a good school.

God bless you all and may we all continue to support not just the school, but the Parish.

Peter Mckie (Very Rev.)

Parish Priest and Member of the Governing Body

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